Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tummy time

Evan is the charmer of the two. His sister Jordan regards the world through serious and wise eyes. He, on the other hand sees the world through cheeky and playful eyes, grinning easily, giving us mirthful gurgles. In many ways, he behaves like the baby of the family, which he is, even if it's only by 2 minutes. He also cries pitifully, wanting us to pick him up whereas Jordan cries as if the world has wronged her and she's angry about it.

The other thing about Evan is that he's a surfer type of baby, laid back, easy, happy to just chill. So unlike his sister who can pretty much sit up, hold up her head up and flip over, he's very happy to let his head loll around. Although... when there's no one looking, he'll hold it up straight and high, craning to see what's around before flopping back down exhausted.

Evan Exhausted

We don't let him get away with it if possible. So today, under Mommy's watchful eyes, he got unceremoniously plonked onto his front for "tummy time" which he absolutely hates and will complain at the top of his lungs.

Evan Complaining

The good thing is when he's indignant, he forgets to be all lolly as he flings his head around in displeasure. This is when I decide to record him. And a good thing too because at the end of it, he's so annoyed, he flips. Well, actually, he just rolls over but we take what we can get. . To hear his annoyance, turn up the sound.


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