Saturday, July 07, 2012

Through their eyes

Children have a very skewed perception of their parents. They see us as larger than life. Possibly because we are so much taller than them. It's God's way of making sure we have the authority to actually put them into place when necessary. I cannot imagine disciplining a 6 ft tall Evan. I hope by then, he would not need to be disciplined. 

Anyway, I thought I would ask them how they would describe Mommy. Obviously, asking them that point blank wouldn't have got anywhere. So I asked them, if their teacher had never met me, how would they describe Mommy. 

This is Jordan's answer. 
Jordan: Mommy has long hair and pretty rings. Mommy has pretty dresses. She likes pink like me. Mommy is brown. Mommy has colour on her toe nails but not her fingers. 

This is Evan's answer. 
Evan: Mommy puts powder on her face. It makes her pretty. She wears dresses. The cloth feels nice. Mommy is pretty. Mommy always wears slippers. She must wear boots like us. 

So to amuse the twins and have them get a bit kick out of it, I buy myself a pair of wellies; their preferred form of footwear. I felt like a cross between Lara Croft and Lorelai Gilmore (from Gilmore Girls) wearing them out on a recent rainy day. But the looks of appreciation were priceless as was the joy when I joined them in puddle jumping. I am certain, however, that I did get weird looks from the rest of Singapore around us. Grown woman in wellies jumping in puddles with kids...

Now, this is how I would like to be seen as a Mommy. Something right out of a Dick Tracy movie. 

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  1. I love those ks rain boots but gosh they are heavy!