The Birth of the Diaper Bag

This blog began when I was pregnant with Jordan and Evan. I started it in secret when I first found out I was expecting but couldn't tell the world.

Now, the world knows Jordan and Evan and they also know that a third musketeer was added into the fold. His name, Dylan. Most however, know him as Muffin.

This blog follows them through their daily adventures. Because looking after them and working at the same time requires more than 24 hours in a day, there is a snippet version of their lives recorded on The Mighty Adventures of JED.

What is written in here is for posterity. So that when Jordan, Evan and Dylan grow up, they can read this and will know what funny, annoying, exasperating, touching and fun things they did as they were growing up. They will also know how much fun they were to have around as children and how much I ache every day to see them grow up so quickly. At the same time, how much they make my heart sing and burst with pride as they slowly figure out this complicated world we live in.

To Jordan, Evan and Dylan, may you have as great fun reading this blog as I have writing it for you.


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