Monday, November 05, 2012

Dear Papa Series: We have much sass

Dear Packrat,
You are on your way back and it has been a long and exhausting 16 days. But it has also been full of ticklish moments worthy of chuckles and a record for posterity. Before you left, you told Evan that he had to be the man of the house while you were away. He's been serious about the responsibility and has even tried to pull a quick one over me. It happened mostly when he ran out of cards and he would use it as his 'get out of jail free' card.

Evan: Can we have dinner in front of the tv?
Mommy: No. You know the rules. Dinner first. Then tv if there is time.
Evan: Why?
Mommy: Because I'm the boss and I say so.
Evan: But I am the man of the house.
Mommy: Really? Who made you so?
Evan: Papa said so. And Papa is bigger than you. So since Papa is not here, I am bigger than you. 


There wasn't much of a retort after that because I figured I would add it to the long list of things that you need to deal with when you get back.

Then there is Muffin. His sass isn't as refined as his brother's yet but it seems to be headed in the same direction. His sass usually comes from his rubber face expressions he uses to show what he really thinks. But in the recent weeks, the increase in his vocabulary has translated into verbal sass.

Mommy: What is your favourite food, Muffin?
Muffin: Rice. Chicken.
Mommy: Carrots?
Muffin: Rabbit eat Carrot. Go hop hop. Muffin, boy. Go chicken, Mmm!

Mommy: Muffin, are you a boy?
Muffin: Yes.
Mommy: What about Mommy?
Muffin: Mommy is a shark. Snap snap!

Mommy: What animal is Papa?
Muffin: Bear!
Mommy: Why?
Muffin: Bear Big. Papa Big.

Does Jordan have sass? Definitely. That girl has sass coming out of her ears. But for the last few days, what's stood out about her has been more the fact that she is intent on (s)mothering her brothers in a bid to 'help' me. That's commendable on her part and funny to watch to, as her brothers swat her off like she were an annoying, buzzing fly!

This concludes the Dear Papa series because you're home in a couple of hours. Methinks you should totally receive 'spousal hardship' allowance because I'm taking you bling shopping!

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