Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vicarious Living

The twins are obsessing over medals.

They cannot figure out how to get their own.

They fight over the one I had lying around the house (The Stan-Chart one from last year).

In desperation, I take out my box of medals and they ooh, aw and grow quiet.

Jordan: How do you win so many medals?
Mommy: You work very hard and you never give up. Then you get better and sometimes, you get so good, you win a medal.
Evan: When can I win some medals?
Mommy: When you get bigger and when you stick to your swimming and stuff.
Jordan: I'm small now. Can I just have yours?

So, for now, my medals are their medals. Perhaps one day, they will win their own and leave mine alone.

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  1. "Can I just have yours?" hahahhaha that's hilarious. Can so imagine the kids saying that :)