Friday, September 06, 2013

I woke up over Afghanistan

I meant to post this yesterday. But I forgot. And this morning, I woke with a start over Afghanistan and realised that I had forgotten to post this.

So, here I am, doing it in Frankfurt while waiting to board en route to JFK in New York.

For the next ten days I'm on leave from being a mom to JED. I am however, not exactly scot free. I'm going to be my mother's tour guide over the East Coast of the USA. It's a tad early for the fall foliage but this is the only time that I can get off. JED are on vacation and Packrat can stand in.

I told Packrat a few nights back that I was nervous about going because I was leaving JED. He told me that they would be okay though my reply was that of course I would be nervous since I was in control of most of their lives. Even in the dark, I knew he was giving me a look. And obviously, I have control issues.

But I've planned as best as I can. Work's been sorted out and I've given him a Tiger Mom-esque list of work that the twins have to complete. There's also a schedule of all their activities next week, lest he forgets.

So all that is left for me to do is to pack my bags and go. The twins don't seem to care. They know they get to stay at Grandma's. Muffin knows to parrot that "Mommy is going to America on a aeroplane." But I doubt that he gets the full weight of what that means. The twins were fine right till the last moment when I got them to bed, then mega water works ensued as they imagined every single bad thing from coughs and cuts to leeches and crocodiles attacking Mommy. It made me cry too. But Packrat assured me that once they got it out of their systems (me too), we would all be fine.

I know I'm going to totally miss them and Packrat. But I think for a little while, it's time to be a daughter again instead of a mom! Goodness knows I haven't done enough of that in the last few years!'s Talkative Thursdays


  1. Your kids will be totally fine! ;) Have a blast!


  2. Thank you! NY's nice air-conditioned weather right now so we're going to try to head out for some air!