Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Killing two birds with one stone

It's Teachers' Day season and the twins are fully aware that it is a day meant to honour and celebrate their teachers. They've been made to make umpteenth cards, tie bows and select presents that they then covet for themselves but are not for them to have.

Every year, we also bless all the staff in their kindy. Not just their teachers but every single adult person who works at the school. We do this because we see the combined effort they make to get to know JED and to look out for them. They also know who I am even though I'm not one of those moms that does the pick up and drop off every day. So, once a year, we send something, before the actual Teachers' Day to thank all the staff. This year was no difference.

On the way to school to deliver this year's goodies in the form of yummilcious muffins, Evan and Jordan have this discussion in the car.

Jordan: I want to be a teacher when I grow up.
Evan: I don't want. I want to be a scientist.
Jordan: But being a teacher is good. You get to celebrate Teachers' Day and you get many presents from your students.
Evan: No, teachers are boring. I want to be a scientist.
Jordan: But there isn't a 'Happy Scientist Day' like 'Happy Teachers' Day'.
Evan: Okay, I will be a teacher. But I will be a science teacher. Then I will be a scientist and I will get presents.


So the boy has decided how to get the best out of everything. I can't blame him. From where he sits, it must look very appealing.

Will we, as teachers dissuade them from becoming teachers? I think we'll be honest with them and see what comes out of it. And I think it will be very amusing if they actually said that, the reason they wanted to be teachers was so that they could get presents, during the interview.


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