Friday, January 16, 2015

Keeping entertained

School has started and with that homework.

But that seems to have caused JED to play more furiously. Often, it's home-lunch-homework/ Chinese tuition and then play.

They've come up with some hilarious play activities.

At the start of every school year, the kids are often involved in setting up class rules. So Jordan's done a version for the house There are Bible rules that sound like the 10 commandments paraphrased and then some grammatically questionable house or 'family' rules which also include  "Never say 'boring' or 'stupid' to your family." She nags everyone to keep the rules. Doesn't sound like play but to her it is and wait till I tell you about the school she has created. (Next post)


The boys, who have been influenced by Packrat, are going through a Transformers phase. They constantly pretend that they can transform from vehicle to robot. Muffin hands me his play pipes and demands that I make him 'smokestacks'. I did not know he knew what smokestacks were. I failed miserably and when I admitted defeat, he said comfortingly that they were guns instead.

At the same time, Evan has had a thing about looking out for Transformers' decals on cars. He's asked if we could get one for our car. Our reply was that he could do it to his own car next time. No, he wasn't going to 'beng' our car. Instead, they decided to badge themselves. They shaded the badges off a Transformers box and scotch taped them onto themselves. When in school, the increasingly tattered insignias are stuck onto the wall and stuck back on their shirts once they'd changed out of school clothes.

Evan has chosen to be a Decepticon able to transform across vehicles and Muffin, an Autobot who had similar powers. The house has been filled with noises of the 'vehicles' transforming.

Whatever. No fighting noises and definitely taking to heart Jordan's rules of no complaining of boredom.



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