Thursday, August 14, 2008

False positive

I used to wonder how in books and movies, female protaganists never figured out they were pregnant and always thought they just had a bout of particularly nasty stomach flu. I used to think that denial must be so powerful a tool that the upchucking and hurling that heralds a pregnancy could be mistaken as a bug.

Until two days ago when I got the stomach flu. And I felt like I wanted to die. I was lethargic and I was nauseous. And I just wanted to curl up into a ball and just whine. And all I wanted to do was eat Saltines and fruit because those were safe foods as in foods that would probably stay down and not make a second appearance. It was worse yesterday when I was mostly fine through the day till evening when having dinner in the food court, my olfactory senses kicked into overdrive and caused me have to suppress my gag reflex.

At that point I wondered, could I be pregnant too and had I just been kidding myself? A very quick calculation of what approximates to period math ( I say approximate because it's hard to do period math without actually having a period to go by) made it highly unlikely. But it did make me a little bit more sympathetic to those who were oblivious to being pregnant. Having the stomach flu really is like being pregnant, or for me it is. The symptoms are pretty much the same and stomach flu is the more convenient diagnosis to latch onto.

However, if that nausea comes back again this evening, I gotta go out there and buy myself a pee kit. And if it turns positive, that's when the real hurling is going to take place, that together with the wailing and gnashing of teeth, because it will be a serious case of Oh crap.

Postscript: The nausea's more or less gone but Packrat thinks I should still pee on a stick even though I've told him that the period math doesn't work out. He's suspicious because I've had 2 fish fillets this week and this is from someone who is deathly fearful of putting on weight and only relented about junk food when she was pregnant. But my explanation is, I haven't been wanting to each much because of the aforementioned bug and usually when I get a bug of some sort, my craving is usually for the food that I've been banned from because of said bug. So, fried chicken when I have tonsilitis and apparently, fish burgers for the stomach flu.

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  1. LOL... between the changed diet, the nausea, and the weepy-ness from the other post on the other blog... I'm with packrat... heh.