Saturday, January 14, 2012


The new academic year has begun. Everyone is back in school, except me. This time, even Muffin.

Like the twins, I decided to send him to school early. We want him to learn that the world doesn't revolve around him and that he cannot get away with smacking and beating everyone who doesn't give in to him. Currently, that is what he does with his siblings.

So, off to a nearby childcare he goes.

There are the expected tears. With that, came the expected guilt. Even though this wasn't my first time, the crying still got to me. And it took all my effort to walk away from my child who was crying desperately for me. 2 weeks in, he still cries but not so much and from the teachers' reports, he is quite happy there.

It is a family effort to get him to school; not because he is difficult and refuses to go but because it is just too much for me to take him by bus and carry him and his accompanying paraphernalia. Thankfully, the twins volunteer to come along and each of them help carry a bag while I concentrate on heaving my little Muffin to school.

His favourite part of school? The playground where he scares the teachers by going down the slide meant for the kinder children.

My favourite part of his school routine? The fact that he lies down quietly and falls asleep nary a fuss. He doesn't do this at home. In fact, it is the opposite. He climbs, he disturbs everyone and the general peace.

At the same time, the twins are back at the same school. Unlike the past 2 years where we've had to move them every year, they are actually in for the long haul in this kindergarten. They seem happy to go back except their teachers and classmates are different.

What stresses me out about this year?
That they are in K1 and there is increased rumblings of increased academic pressure from school in the form of homework and other expectations. Inevitably, that pressure translates to me being stressed because I am the one that ends up teaching them all they need to know from penmanship to phonics, numbers to Chinese proverbs and idioms that I have surreptitiously photograph and send to friends to find out how to read .

What do I do? Now that everyone is in school? It sounds like it gives me a lot of time but this hasn't been the case. In the time that they are in school, I rush to do my groceries and other important errands. There hasn't really been time for facials, manicures and pedicures or fitness classes, unfortunately. Most un-tai tai.

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