Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The more we get together

Thank goodness Chinese New Year is only once a year because all the travelling that is done on the first day of the new year is just down right exhausting.

There was so much travelling.

It went along the lines of going first to Ah Ma's house, then to Mama's house for lunch, back to Ah Ma's house to see the remaining relatives there, off to see my oldest paternal uncle, back to Ah Ma's for dinner and then back out to have dinner with Packrat's Tan clan.

By the end of it all, I couldn't remember who gave which red packets and had lost count on the number of oranges we had exchanged. The day passed in a blur the same way it did when I got married.

I used to hate Chinese New Year for this very reason. But now, I look back at the non-kid CNY days and think that those days were a breeze compared to now.

What did however stand out in all the blur was the fact that the children were old enough to enjoy the visiting and the playing with the cousins every where they went. Thankfully, collecting ang pows aren't a big thing for them yet, but finding peers to much around with, from chasing each other in the garden to forming human pyramids, they had a rocking good time.

The Ng-Tan girls were also chuffed to all be dressed up similarly as Little Nonyas with both mommies joining in the fun. It was good fun and made for good photographs.

If there is anything memorable about Chinese New Year, it is that. The children, discovering the joy of get-togethers and not realising how exhausted their parents are from all the running around.

Having said that, they were pretty flat out too and whispered to us as they were rapidly losing consciousness that they wanted tomorrow to be Chinese New Year too.

To that, both Packrat and I had the same thought. That we were thankful it was only once a year!

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