Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mighty Adventures

The kids' Facebook page is called The Mighty Adventures of JED. And they do love adventure. We do too but we don't go out and do exceptionally adventurous things on purpose like do the Treetop walk and get chased by monkeys or go on an eco-adventure of sorts. Packrat believes in finding adventure in the every day things and I think the children don't know any better, enjoy it all the same and learn all sorts of information, both useful and useless. Their all time favourite is to take the train to the airport. Their daily adventure is sending Muffin to school and getting to pick which public transport to take home and debating on whether to buy bread or to step on as many 'forget-me-not' /mimosa plants as possible.

But their latest adventure has been to go see a fish. All three have an affinity for fish. Muffin the most. But both Jordan and Evan grew up feeding fish at the pond and watching my brother's fish multiply every week. My other brother offhandedly told me about this huge ass fish that was in a pond near the twins' school and one day, I bugged him to take me to see it.

And it was big. So big, the first words that came out of my mouth cannot be repeated on this blog.

Anyway, I brought the twins to see it, one day after school and they were fascinated at the size of the monster.

We have been back 4 times since, bringing different people each time. And each time, I've had to tear the kids away from the pond amidst loud protests.

We've gone so many times that Evan and Jordan have since been able to rattle off facts about the fish, learnt from the groundskeeper, like

  1. It is 10 years old.
  2. It is 140 kg.
  3. It was donated by a temple because it got too big for the temple pond.
  4. It eats ikan kuning. Dead ones!
  5. It isn't considered very big. In Malaysia, they are twice the size. Must be all the palm oil.
  6. It has a baby who is quite small compared to it but big in terms of pond fish size.
  7. It's so lazy and rests so much, it has left a mark at the bottom
  8. The name of the fish is Arapaima
  9. The fish has its own doctor/ vet.
For the record, it's at Dempsey Hill.

And the twins love the thrill and terror of possibly falling into the water where the big fish might take a bite out of them. They love imagining what would happen if they fell in and have come up with various versions of how the fish will take bites out of them. They won't though because it is barricaded by clear Plexi-plastic. Muffin probably has no idea how big the fish is, he is just thrilled to have so many fish and spends his time yelling "SNAP SNAP!" His all time response to any sort of fish.

We are entering the week of the March break and I suspect we are going to visit the fish a few more times.

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