Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sharing the bed

I am a self-indulgent mother. I like time to myself. I like time to get my nails done or sit at cafe with a book and just read. But sometimes, there really isn't much time for these pockets of indulgence; what with our helper hospitalised and the general circus that is the house.

In the absence of Me-time, there is one thing that I look forward to every night. That is to sink into my bed, enjoy my very expensive mattress and luxuriate in it till I lose consciousness.

I love it so much that there have been nights where I have had to choose between air-conditioning in JED's room (their room is smaller and therefore cooler) and having the bed all to myself, I have chosen the latter even if it means that I sleep without air-conditioning.

That usually means not sleeping with Packrat. While I love to sleep beside him, I don't love fighting for space on the bed with JED.

Unfortunately, not moving into their room never guarantees that I get the bed all to myself all night long. By the early hours of the morning, there is at least one child on the bed with me, usually Muffin and by 6 am, Evan would have joined us and on occasion, because she wakes up alone in her big bed, Jordan traipses over too. That's when I get evicted because there is no space on the bed.

Mums with older children say I will miss them when they stop migrating over. But right now, I want to roll around my own bed, have my covers and pillows all to myself without having to worry that I would flatten or kick a kid in the face (as they have often done to me).

Simple dreams. Simple dreams.


  1. haha I know what you mean!!!! My girl started sleeping on her own bed earlier this year but somehow, she has "migrated" back again too ;p I love / miss a good night of uninterrupted sleep..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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