Monday, December 17, 2012

Phuket Adventures Day 3: Sand everywhere

Part and parcel in a beach holiday is sand. It gets every where. It is what I remember from staying in a chalet as a child. Sand in the shower, on the bedroom floor, under the covers, every where. Strangely, despite the inconveniences, I love sand. Perhaps, it was integral to my memories of beach holidays.

It was here in Phuket that Evan got over his sand phobia. He hated sand because he didn't like the feel of it on his feet. He was okay with it on his hands. Just not his feet. But the last time we were here, just shy of their second birthday, he was too excited by the playground that was sand-based to worry about the sand getting every where.

Because the beaches in Singapore are dirty and often crowded, we don't go very often. So when we are away, the twins have a great time, languishing in the water and digging up sand. They also discovered the discomfort of getting sand stuff in inconvenient places and requiring them to strip down and walk back to the hotel with nothing but a hooded towel to cover their privates.

Between the two, Jordan is still the one more at home in the water and on the sand. So many times, we had to stop her from wading too far out because the currents were relatively strong. That girl, constantly reminds us that she bears watching.

The only one who has an aversion to sand and shows no sign of overcoming it is Muffin. He hates it with a vengeance. If he could climb a tree, he would, to put more distance between the sand and himself. Although he loves being in the water, he would rather forgo the huge ocean than be anywhere near the sand. So, he spent all his time perched atop Papa's shoulders and wore the most disgruntled frown that threatened to freeze on his face.

Sand is supposed to be good stuff for development. Sensory, physical and tactile development. I remember, we used to have to train on sand too because it strengthened our feet in no way the most expensive shoes could. I guess we'll have to figure out some other way of convincing him to play with sand. My last hope is that when he goes to kindy next year, where there is twice a week sand play, he will start getting used to the stuff.

Evan had to do a whole project on it when he was in nursery so I suspect, if Muffin gets to stay on in the school, he might too. *insert evil laughter here* Evan still remembers the project and started chanting the poem he learnt when he was doing the project. The ever insightful boy pointed out that it was so true.

Sand in my swimsuit,
Sand in my hair,
When I go to the beach
Sand gets everywhere!
I wonder, I wonder,
Oh, how can there be
Sand left at the beach
When there's so much on me?

This he started reciting while we were desperately trying to get sand out of the folds in their bodies and swim suits!

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  1. This is just delightful Shereen!

    Kids are such honest beings aren't they?

    Our lovely neighbours gifted our twins their first sand pit for their first birthday earlier in the year.

    Daniel and Charlotte did not enjoy it initially and with time, they are enjoying it immensely especially pouring sand over each others' head and learning to make sand castles.

    It's a delight so long as they don't fight over the same spade (even when there is one for each kid).

  2. My kids hated sand & grass! Thank God they outgrew it. Haha..