Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Inspired by Offsprings who did a week of emotions, I shall attempt a week of qualities.

Next week is Muffin's birthday. We'll have a little do in school. I ask the twins if they want to be there. Of course they do. So I told them that they had to get their teachers to call me so that I could ask them.

Jordan: What happens if I forget?
Mommy: Then you don't get to go.

An hour later, I receive a phone call from Jordan's teacher who is trying not to laugh while she regales to me my daughter's earnestness.

Jordan: Aunty C, you need to call my Mommy. Now.
Aunty C: Why? Did something happen?
Jordan: You just need to call her.
Aunty C (Alarmed): Is something wrong? If there is, you need to tell me ok?
Jordan: You need to call her now so that I won't forget and I can go to Muffin's birthday in his classroom.

And she stood and watched her teacher as her teacher dialled my number. Satisfied that I was on the other line and only then does she wander back to her table. 

So it worked. I taught her responsibility by putting it in her hands to make sure she got to go to her little brother's birthday party. Now, I shall await Evan's teacher's call. After all, he will never forget.

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