Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Of Reason and Rhetoric

The twins are going to be 6 in June and it's funny that there are glimpses of the little adults in them. This is especially evident with Evan who has always had a logical mind but he is much more articulate in expressing it. He can be whiny and complain-y but when he chooses to, his sense of logical reasoning is something that floors me.

The twins bicker and quarrel a lot in the car.
Mommy: Evan, Jordan, please stop speaking to each other like that.
Jordan and Evan's thought bubble: Ignore Mommy and continue going at it.
Mommy: JORDAN! EVAN! PLEASE STOP IT. Do you ever hear Mommy and Papa speak to each other like that?
Jordan (subdued): no.
Mommy: If Mommy and Papa don't shout at each other like that and don't speak to each other like that, do you think you should?
Evan: But Mummy, you and Papa are not brother and sister. Shouldn't it be you and Uncle Mark (my brother)?
Mommy (Mentally facepalming): Okay, fine. Have you heard Mommy and Uncle Mark speak to each other like that?

Evan: Mama (Grandma) says yes.

Mommy 0, Evan 1.

I suspect, it might get to a point where I will have to use the "BECAUSE I SAID SO"  cheat to get out of an argument alive.

Then there is Jordan, who is gentler and more expressive. She speaks with a whole lot more fluff and emotion. She has learnt rhetoric at 6.

This morning. she got up before Muffin and kept trying to wake him up.

Mommy: Don't wake Muffin up please.
Jordan: But I love him.
Mommy: If you love him, let him sleep.
Jordan: But I love him.  I am lonely without him. I want to read with him. I want to eat breakfast with him. I want to play with him. And I love him.

By which point, Muffin woke up and was happy to oblige her.

I think it will be Muffin who will be the one with few words. The other two always have too much to say.

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  1. Hahhahhahhah!!! I like that sassy answer from Evan!

    Early early already Mommy kena. Tsk! :D