Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Holidays mean family

We try not to make every school vacation a big deal, meaning that we don't necessarily travel. We don't want JED to associate vacation time with expensive holidays. But we try to do things that we don't get to do on a regular day.

Evan's request was the Underwater World. We've been trying to support the Underwater World being the poorer cousin to the new SEA Marine Aquarium.

We asked Mama Rosa and Cousin Becca to come along so the adventure started the night before with Becca staying over.

All four slept on the same bed, with Mama in the middle.

Monkey faces abound and one uncooperative Muffin turning his back on everyone.


This resembles Mama Ducks and ducklings crossing the road.


The dome of silence while having her head magnified. Jordan equates having a big head with being clever so she loved the size of her head under the dome.

The starfish boy on his nth round through the underwater tunnel.

Having had food stolen out of her hands from animals before, Jordan was very cautious about the sea lion stealing her banana. She didn't buy it that sea lions didn't think much about bananas.

Feeding the rays and touching them. Scary, slimy, smooth and splashy.

All in, a great and fun family morning although all came back smelling of fish and sea water. 

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