Thursday, March 21, 2013

Water play with pee references

It has been far too hot to spend time in the park or outdoors. It's sapping heat and just thinking about being out is exhausting. It's made me wish that I had the inflatable pool so that the kids could play in it without us having to really go to the pool. But since JED discovered the glee of sharpened pencils on the inflatable pool, the pool has never been able to inflate again. And as punishment, we declared a 2 year moratorium on inflatable pools. The statue of limitation runs out soon so perhaps another one might be in order soon, given the ridiculous heat we're having.

Anyway, the alternative has been bath tub play. And thankfully, we have the stairwell space that we use for all their big play.

It's kept them busy for an hour or so and counting. I've ducked in to actually blog about this while I hear shouts echo from down the corridor.

I love water play.

Evan does imaginary experiments. I've heard him mutter "a dash of Coke", " a splatter of Root Beer Mug" etc as he empties bottles into the basin.

Jordan relishes in the bubbles and Muffin just pours and pours in various combinations.

The added dimension to it was the plastic bottle water toys I made on a whim. 1.25 litre plastic bottles were great because of the five-pronged bottom that I had poked holes through. In Evan's words, 'the cow's udders leaking milk!'. Yuck. That brought back too breastfeeding nightmares!

And that was when all the toilet humour started. I had sawn off the tops of the bottles so they could pour water through it and out the spout. Other bottles had a different number of holes stabbed into the bottom. So, according to JED, they were all pee. The 'pee' that came out of the spout was 'urgent pee'. The one that trickled out a single holed cup was 'night pee' (Night pee is when we force march the kids to the bathroom at night to pee while they are sleeping. Obviously, they have been awake enough to label the type of pee.) With a bottle that I hadn't holed out thoroughly and the water dripped through in spurts, that 'pee' was called 'stuck pee'. All this observed with squeals of laughter. I am resigned to the fact that JED are easily tickled by toilet humour.

What I liked was when Evan inverted the bottle tops into the bottle bottoms and poured water into it. Just looking at him, I could see the gears in his head churning to try to figure out what was going on. And the grin of truimph on his face after that as he announced "Mommy, I am doing science experiments." Indeed you are. It reminds me once again, that even though I get the older two to do table work every morning, there are other better and more fun ways of learning.

The focus in all their eyes was immense, while they figured out various physics related things that, for the life of me, I cannot even begin to explain to them. Such is the uselessness of an Arts/ Humanities mother. I can only think up the stuff to make for them. I leave Packrat to try to explain the physics to them despite the fact that he too is an Arts/ Humanities person.

 And what better way to play since this weekend was Earth Day!

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