Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bus is best.

Packrat is at reservist. That means, he's taken the car and all the picking up and dropping off that I usually do has to be done by bus.

JED love it. Public transport rocks. Put the on a double decker bus in the front seats and they are as happy as clams.

Never mind the heat. Never mind the wait for the bus. Never mind the trek up the hill from the road to their school.

They stop and pick up leaves, flowers and sticks. They stop to look at the ants building a nest and chase butterflies and birds.

By the time they get to school, they are flushed pink in the cheeks and brimming with stories to tell their teachers and friends.

On my part, it means I do less in a day than before and I am much more exhausted; what took ten minutes by car takes about an hour by bus. But apart from that adjustment, JED are nonplussed.

May it always stay this simple to keep them happy!


  1. Your child is very good :) Most kids complain about it A LOT that it worries their parents. I think a child that can easily adjust to that kind of situation will most likely and most possibly have a flexible personality. Thanks for the share!