Sunday, August 04, 2013

NDP Roof Top Party

We like traditions. We like to do the same thing every year. And JED know it now. They know that one of the things we do is that when National Day rolls by, we go to Packrat's school to watch the fire works.

Every year, the student government at his school organises a roof top party, the music and theatre students set up a band and provide music and entertainment. The atmosphere is buzzing with energy, laughter and much excitement.

We go every year with friends or family. And we let JED go nuts. It's an enclosed area, as long as they don't go near the red tape meant to keep them away from the edge of the building. We did have a mini scare when Muffin ran off, after it had turned dark and we couldn't find him. Eventually, Packrat's search party of students found him near the stage where it was bright.

But it is something we look forward too every year. The picnicking on the roof, the kids going nuts playing with the ready bevy of babysitters that gravitate toward them while waiting for the 3 highlights of the day.

My personal favourite would be the fly past and the bomb bursts. Evan and Jordan loved the fireworks though Muffin was a tad fearful of the noise.

And all three loved the fact that we brought them light sticks and the entrepreneurial students that were also selling light sticks at cut throat prices to raise funds for their year-end service learning trips made a killing with our three. Well, actually with us because they have empty pockets, literally.

Evan has asked for us to go again next year and cannot wait for next year's roof top party. Well, as long as Packrat is staff there, he can be assured of it.


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