Saturday, August 17, 2013

Small Mommy

If you ask Muffin who his Mommy is, he will tell him that he has 2 mommies.

"Big Mommy" which is me and "Small Mommy" which is Jordan.

There was a period of time where he would go round the house hollering for Mommy and when I replied, he would chide "Not you, Mommy. Small Mommy. You, Big Mommy."


But I am thankful. She picks up the slack for me. And gives me quite a breather at times.

She succeeds in feeding him when we fail to and she plays with him in the morning when I am begging for another 5 or 10 minutes of sleep.

Of late, she has become quite fluent in her reading and she practices on Muffin. She reads to him and makes him repeat words after her. On cooperative days, he does and he learns names of insects, Little Ponies, different types of sharks and whatever might have struck her fancy that day. 

Muffin allows himself to be taken care of by her. If I am not around and he is in need of comfort, he seeks her out. She gladly obliges and takes him into her arms, disregarding the fact that both of them are round about the same weight. 

Last night, she offered to read to him before he went to bed. He agreed and laid beside her as she read him Lars the Polar Bear, complete with making Lars swim and voices. Usually, he's like a koala bear on me during bed time and it makes it difficult for us to go out to dinner. But with Small Mommy reading to him, he was blissfully unaware that I had slipped out.

It's useful to have 2 mommies in the house, even if the other one is 6 years old and sometimes, not the most reliable. But her heart is in the right place and she does a pretty good job standing in for me.


  1. Thanks Mabel and Shermeen,
    She is very sweet to Muffin. She can be very fierce too and sound like me and Muffin doesn't take kindly to that bit. So I tell her, her job is to love Muffin whereas Big Mommy will scold him if need be!