Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Beginning of the End

I am a sentimentalist and the twins are nearing the end of their pre-school years. They are going to leave the kindergarten that has become so dear to us and I can say without a doubt, it was really worth the wait.

Today was the twins' Open House. Their last one. I saw through the years, their projects becoming more and more complicated, demanding more creativity and thought out of them. Their projects never sound like much when we get the title but when we attend the Open House, it never ceases to astound us, how much the children have done.

Evan's class project was on chairs. We had done quite a bit of work on it during the holidays but there was still more to see! My two favourite presentations. 1. The mega art chair that they built out of used drink cans (417 to be exact) that could hold the weight of an adult. The children charged $1 for each person to sit in their 'throne' and were going to count how much money they had made during Math class. 2. The Point of View exercise where each child sat around the chair and drew the chair from where they sat. I struggle to teach pre-university students how to look at multiple perspectives in an argument and I was extremely heartened that Evan was being exposed to this visually at 6 years old.

Jordan's class project on books. She got to publish her own book and part of the open house was a book signing. She had taken this very seriously and had asked me to print out 'cursive' worksheets of her name to practice for the book signing. She also rehearsed very hard because the class had written a story and she was narrating a part of it, with backdrop and all that they created. She did it word perfect.

The same thing strikes me every year. They are immensely invested in their projects and they take great pride and ownership in it. And in my opinion, if this was the only thing they picked up from their years at kindy (and it obviously isn't!), then the kindy has already done right by us.

Thankfully, I have 3 more years of Muffin's project Open House to look forward to and to gush about. After that, I shall truly be sad.
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