Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Glimpse into the future Pt II: Sons and Daughters

One of the televisions series we are watching right now is Modern Family and one of the families has got two teen girls and a tween boy. A recent favourite episode of mine was when all three women in the family had their menstrual cycles synced and unloaded emotional armageddon on the men in the family. Part of what I enjoyed about the episode was the look of horror on Packrat's face and how the syncing of the menstrual cycles was termed "Satan's trifecta".

At the same time, I recently had a weekend of being single mum to two boys; Packrat was busy at work last weekend and Jordan was off on a sleepover with her cousin. So, it was just the two boys and myself. While I enjoyed the fact that there was very little fighting, the whole weekend was about Star Wars/ Clone Wars and toilet humour and by the end of it, I was bored and missed my daughter and totally totally 'boy-ed' out.

Meanwhile, I have seen Packrat with the boys and I am grateful on various levels that they have him. He speaks their language, fixes their toys and plays with them while Mommy stands helplessly by, worried that they would clonk their heads on light sabres a little too hard. When I see him with them, I instinctively get all that child-rearing literature of why boys need their dad around.

And after that episode of Modern Family, Packrat is thankful that he doesn't live in a family with just girls or we'd all 'monstruate' together. He needs some testosterone to balance off the potentially ridiculous PMS hormones that would be flying around.

Whatever it is, both of us are happy to have allies. I've promised Jordan a 'just girls' trip when she's old enough and Packrat's thrilled at the idea of taking the boys to do 'boy' things while we do our girly shopping trip. I did warn him that I was sending him the bill, though.


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