Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Balloon Fishing

So there were some colourful water balloons already inflated and filled with water. Added to that, they had little rubber tails with loops at the end of it. Perfect for being hooked up.

As we would have it, it rained most of Saturday meaning that there were 3 restless kids in the house. And out came the balloons into Muffin's old baby bath tub.

Both Jordan and Evan wanted it competitive. So armed with a wooden chopstick and given a minute, they challenged each other; whoever could fish out the most number of balloons won the round.

Round and round they went till I lost feeling in my feet. I was squatting and smooshed against my bathroom wall. Water balloons must always be played with in an area that can be made wet.

But Muffin had the most fun with it. He revelled in getting his sleeves wet and very slowly, tried to thread the stick through the rubber band loop in the water. Refraction error and all, he managed to tell his fingers to move to where his eyes thought the loops were. Also known as practicising his hand-eye coordination.  He was very conscientious about it and counted every single one that he fished out before pouring them all back in and starting again.

I loved the balloons for their colour and hardiness. The 10 odd I brought home suffered the abuses of 3 kids without any one of them bursting. That's quite a feat.

I am dreaming up Easter egg ideas with these pretties.

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