Saturday, May 03, 2014

Mommy's Boys

I have 2 boys. And according to Packrat, both boys are Mama's boys. Every opportunity they get, they cling to Momma; albeit in different ways.

Muffin tells me, at every opportunity, that I am beautiful and he would kiss me all over my face all the time if I let him.

And Evan, he has such a sensitive soul; he loves his family of ducks (the eldest having been with him since he was 6 months old) and he leaves the light on for them at night because they might get scared.

With a very demanding Muffin, it's hard for me to spend time just with him. And when I do, he snuggles up tight while I cuddle him. He leaves me notes when I work late, to let me know that he loves me and he makes sure that I can find them.

This afternoon, we took some chalk down and doodled downstairs in the open. Unfortunately, we were told, for some reason, that we had to make sure we left no traces. We had to wash off all the chalk marks after we were done. I will rant about that another time.

Evan, bless his heart, had drawn me some flowers with a little note "For Mommy". When he found out we had to wash it off, he obediently acceded but would not show me his face while he did it. When he eventually looked up, he had tears welling in his eyes. He couldn't bring himself to wash off what he had drawn for me.

I told him that he could draw me some more when we got upstairs, on paper, so that I could keep it with me at all time. He did just that and waited till I got up to present it to me. I made a big show of putting it in my phone case, so that it would always be with me. It helped a little but he was still despondent.

Packrat claims that I would be a scary assed mother for any of his potential girlfriends to meet. It is not to say that I wouldn't be, for Muffin's potential girlfriends. But Evan so obviously wears his heart on his sleeve and any girl that dumps him would shatter it into a million pieces. This would definitely guarantee the incurring the protective Mama Bear's wrath who would come thundering out to defend her cub.

I'm pretty sure Jordan's heart breaks would hurt as much as well but Packrat can bear the brunt of those ones and buy shot guns to hunt down the poor boy. I'm sure that would make her feel better.

Everyone says it's Daddy's girls and Mommy's Boys. I guess, in such a situation it is true.


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