Sunday, June 08, 2014

Definitely our DNA

The twins turn 7 soon and whether we like it or not, they are mirror images of us. They are us in every sense of the word.

They've definitely inherited genetic material from us.

Has Packrat's dreaminess.
Has Packrat's artistic genes.
Has my musculature.
Has my kinesthetic inclinations. 

Has Packrat's slightly introverted nature.
Has Packrat's love for all things geek.
Has my competitiveness
Has my penchant for imagining entire alternate universes.

And recently, they've started to mimic us as well.

Evan's most recent expression is "Oh! For goodness sake!". When I asked him where he had picked it up from, he said "Papa! Papa uses it ALL. THE. TIME."

Jordan hasn't picked up any choice phrases from me though I do a variation of Packrat's "Oh! For goodness sake!" except mine is "Oh! For crying out loud!". Rather, she's picked up tone. She scolds the boys, particularly Muffin, in the exact tone that I use. Right down to the intonation. And she always, always manages to make him cry.

The genetic stuff, we can't quite help. It seems pretty much coded into them regardless of what we do or do not do. But the mimicking, that's something else; though they seem to be parroting us at our most frustrated and therefore least likely to be hold back the tirade.

Well, as a child, I did write in compositions that "I will turn you upside down and wallop you." causing my parents to be called into school and questioned about possible abuse.


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