Friday, August 01, 2014

A list of names

The twins have been campaigning for a pet. A dog, a cat, a butterfly...anything.

I've said no, repeatedly. My reason is that the house is too small and I already have to take care of 3 puppies of my own. The latest excuse I've added to my arsenal is that our helper does not and will not look after pets. She has asked them to choose between her and the pet. It has unfortunately backfired because the preciously myopic twins always choose the pet over her.

It hasn't stopped them for trying.

I found this tacked onto a clipboard and left on my desk one night. Evidently, the twin's latest ploy to get a dog is to surreptitiously leave hints round the house for me to pick up.This time, name, breed, sex have been listed quite clearly.

I love the list. It's a mixture between the names of dogs they know, friends' names and what appear to be commands for the dog or owner. My favourite is " Dex Dewey Tan" and the one that made me laugh the most is "No".

I remember being this dogged (heh.) at their age too; wanting a puppy since our neighbour had a Japanese Spitz that was going to have puppies. I never got the puppy I wanted either, though my brother did bring home dogs and we ended up having ridiculous names for them too.

I'm not sure if I'm more a dog person or a cat person but for now, I'm pretty much an 'anti-pet' person by circumstance.

I've told them that they can get their own pets when they get their own house. When I say that, Packrat looks at me with equally pleading puppy dog eyes. It's hard to be the only voice of reason in the house but the fear and thought of looking after another poopy, peeing, noisy, smelly, drooly and unreasonable young 'un is what has prevented me from caving. And I pray my resolve will stay strong.


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