Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The twins: Performer and Prop.

Evan's school is running this thing, it's an international competition called Odyssey of the Mind and its sister competition called Destination Imagination. It's a critical thinking, problem solving programme and it sounds like great fun. Creativity, confidence, on your feet problem solving, performing. All good things.

The thing is, I don't think Evan would be keen to do the performing bit. And unfortunately, that is a big part of OM or DI. We were keen to let Evan be part of it but one of the reasons holding us back is that his ideal role in it would be that he is a tree or a rock. Evan doesn't like to be in the limelight. He isn't a performer.

That is Jordan. From young, she's loved performing and speaking in front of people. It hasn't scared her. That has never been a problem for her.

Hard to believe they shared a womb.

Yesterday, she decided that she would create her own Rainbow Loom videos. As with many other girls of her age group, she's pretty caught up in it and she's always wanting me to show her new styles of doing bracelets. So, in the style that the instructional videos are made, she decides to do one too. She chats through it with her idea of small talk and she explains what she is doing though not very clearly because that's her jumbled, creative, unrehearsed mind talking. But we did it, in one take. All of it was her direction, where she sat, what she had in the background and where everything was placed. I was just the camera person.

So for her, that opportunity would have been great, playing on her strengths and I am sad that she isn't going to get the opportunity to do it.

As for Evan, it'll be good for him if I can convince him that the stage won't collapse on him if he were more than a rock or a tree. The question is whether or not I can.