Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Evan and Packrat went on a daddy-son date today. Jordan and I were pretty envious and wished we could have gone along too.

Alas, we only had two tickets.

Two tickets to the WTA Championships in Singapore.

And since Evan was the one in the family who played tennis and since Packrat was the parent who was free, they got to go.

6 rows from the court. And they got to see Maria Sharapova warm up before watching Monica Puig and Zhang Sai Sai (most unfortunate name!) slug it out.

Photos by Packrat

Evan's review:
"The players were cool because their backhands, forehands and volleys were so good. "

"I wished I could throw the ball that high when I serve."

"How come they can use two hands when they do a backhand?"

"I liked the one with the pink shoes."

When I asked him if he thought he could play as well as they could, he replied in affirmative.

All I could think about from the 400+ photos that Packrat shot was how nice Sharapova's legs were.

Yup, the tickets would have been wasted on me.


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