Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fathers and sons

There's always this saying that there is a special thing between moms and sons and dads and daughters. While it is true that Packrat is ready to buy a shot gun to make sure that no guy gets anywhere close to Jordan and I shudder at the thought that the boys would bring home girls that might break their hearts, there seems to be something special about the converse relationship as well.

Evan and Packrat are best friends. Without trying to, Evan has the same kind of interests that Packrat does. They bond over Mech Warrior Online, Star Wars and Star Wars trivia and all sorts weapons and dangerous/ poisonous animals they discover through Google. They actually converse as equals.

For most part, when they are chatting, I get the sense that I am sitting amongst Packrat and his gamer/ tech friends and what they talk about sound like googlygook to me. They are in their own world and Evan loves it. Often, I have seen him look at Packrat with an unadulterated look of admiration. Packrat is his hero.

And on top of that, Packrat gets him and is able to relate to him in a way that I can't. When he is upset or something has happened in school, my reaction is often an emotional one. But Packrat knows exactly what to say to him and what he needs to hear. It helps that he has been in the same position that Evan is in, in the same school with similar circumstances.

When I look at them, I see Packrat as a great dad because he sees Evan for who he is and relates to him on a level Evan gets. That's when I totally get why dads are important and am grateful that JED have Packrat.


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