Friday, April 01, 2016

Experiment 2: Naked Eggs over Easter

Easter passed us by in a blur of church, Easter Egg hunts and chocolate eggs. At the same time, my niece and her mum decided to create a naked egg in lieu of the chocolate ones. It looked fascinating enough for me to look it up.

Concurrently, Jordan's started a new area in science. It's less nature, more physics/ chemistry; physical science. It requires a little bit more scaffolding than flora and fauna and it's not as instinctive for her.

So we embarked on the Naked Egg experiment to show certain the twins certain things.
1. Properties of materials can be altered.
2. Osmosis happens.

We documented it along the way with videos. Evan did a great job hosting the experiment and highlighting the different bits along the way.

Introducing the materials and observing the reaction between the eggshell and vinegar.

A few hours later when most of the hard shell had disintegrated into scum; very different from its hard but brittle shell previously.

Pretending to be the Mad Scientist, she updates us on the second part of the experiment where we were aiming to dye the egg thoroughly through osmosis with food colouring. She demanded a script!

Success! After 3 days of soaking, no more shell, totally dyed a hue of blue and purple- a rubberized egg that bounces. They remember the video where the egg was bounced too high and went splat so they bounced it gently.

Unable to resist that the egg would go splat; creating an eggs-plosion! And discovering to Mommy's disgust (not at all veiled in the video) that the yolk was still raw!

Conclusion: It's a neat magic trick of sorts. Not only did the shell disintegrate, the albumen solidified somewhat and blue dye didn't just colour the eggs, it stained the hands badly. On top of that, do the final "egg-plosion" outdoors and in worn-out clothes because the colour! Lots of fun. Lots of mess. Lots of lessons and most importantly, little tedium.


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