Saturday, June 04, 2016

Listen to Mommy

She wanted to get her ears pierced.

We've been hedging. We told her that she had to do decently well for the exams. We told her it had to be during the holidays.

It's the holidays now. And she did respectably in the exams. Not fantastic or up to her usual standard but respectable.

So she started her campaign. She is nothing if not insistent.

Eventually, we told her she could and she chose Thursday to do it. A friend of ours told us to use a numbing cream on the lobes so that it wouldn't hurt and she had the cream. But she couldn't pass it to us in time.

I asked her to consider doing it another day, after we could get the numbing cream.

She refused.

Against my better judgement, I allowed her to go ahead with it.

Despite wanting to do it, she was very nervous and was breathing very deeply before even stepping into the shop. She took a long while to gather courage to allow the lady to do the first ear. Lesson number 1: Find a place that does it simultaneously.

After the first ear was pierced, there was a delayed reaction of shocked pain and then the very reaction where her eyes rolled to the back of her head, she turned rigid and collapsed into her Papa's arms. Her lips were white and so was her face. Apparently, she had worked herself into such a state that she was hyperventilating and then subsequently, passed out.

Of course, after that, with full knowledge of how painful it was, she covered her ears with her hands or tipped it into her shoulder, refusing to let the lady do the other ear. It took another half an hour of coaxing (and almost coercing on my part) before she allowed the lady to pierce the other side.

Eyes all puffy from crying

It took all of me to stop from saying "I TOLD YOU SO!" There was so much annoyance that I had to swallow because she was already so upset.

But in the end, I figured she'd learnt lessons.

1. If she's impatient and makes impetuous decisions, she has to suffer the consequences of it, especially when we tell her that waiting would result in a better experience.

2. She has to follow through once she makes the decision. She wanted to do just the one ear and come back another day. I told her that would mean the other earring would not be sterile and that she would then need to pay for a new pack and it would cost twice as much. Plus, it was still going to hurt. The same amount, if not more because she would have had time to exaggerate the experience in her head.

Then she wanted to just keep the one earring and we told her that wasn't possible either.; that would just look plain weird. She had to get the second one done and she had to do it straightaway.

3. Despite the fact that it sounds too much like the evil mother from Rapunzel, Mother KNOWS best.

That one, she had better not forget.


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