Monday, October 03, 2016

Hamming it Up

As JED get older, they get a whole lot more self- conscious. They don't want to look or act stupid and they're conscious of people laughing at them. I wish they weren't.

Jordan still loves the limelight though even with that, she needs to rehearse it totally perfect before I video it.
Evan won't even do it if he had to do it solo.
Muffin will yelp and hide behind the someone who is holding the recording device.

So when they throw all caution to the wind and just ham it up, just for the sake of hamming it up, we video them. On top of that, they fight a lot more these days so any opportunity to record them getting along and enjoying each other's company, all the better.

And I'm keeping it here so on days when I feel I need a pick me, like today with massive Monday blues, I can just play it and chuckle like a idiot.

I also look at this and lament at how quick they are growing up. Including Muffin who doesn't look like a Muffin anymore.


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