Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Cinderella Syndrome

Jordan suffers from the Cinderella Syndrome.

She keeps losing her shoes.

Unfortunately, there isn't a Prince Charming that comes knocking at the door to fit her shoe on her foot.

I don't think he would waste his time.

She keeps losing her school shoes. Those aren't couture enough for Prince Charming to bother with.

At Primary 1 orientation, we were told to label our children's belongings. We were told repeatedly. And it wasn't just to label their books and bottles but their uniforms and shoes.

Even better if we did their socks too.

To illustrate their point, they told us about how children would return home with only one shoe on and none the wiser. It sounded like an urban legend that spread from generation to generation and got wilder and more exaggerated with each re-telling.

Then one day after gym, Jordan climbs into the car and just before we drive off, she squeals for the car to stop and hops out, running back to the gym. Bewildered, we wait for her to reappear. Panting, she explains that she forgot her slippers and was about to go home barefoot.


Perhaps, it's a gymnast thing. After all, they spend all their time bare feet and they get used to the feel of the ground under their very very very black feet. So it doesn't occur to them that anything is amiss when they leave without their original footwear.

Since then, she's lost 2 pairs of school shoes. We've figured that there is a higher possibility for her to lose her shoes because she takes them off. Which means, there's a higher possibility she leaves them somewhere and not take them with her. The agreement has been that her allowance will be docked, to help pay for new shoes. Especially since they were brand new, this last time round.

If only she did a sport where she could keep her shoes on. It would be cheaper for everyone involved. In so so so many ways!


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