Monday, July 21, 2008

Drool to fill an ocean

I've had quite a few people ask why is it that in every photograph of Evan, he is wearing a bib. It is really not a fashion accessory that I saw in Baby Vogue or something. It is out of pure necessity. The boy drools SO much, he gets a rash all round his neck that in itself looks like a fashion accessory.

And because he has that much drool, he ends up looking dishevelled and scruffy and his clothes are always soaked. So, to avoid changing him every half an hour even though he does have enough clothes to warrant that sort of wardrobe change, it's too tedious and it's hell on the environment. So the bib comes in and soaks up all the drool. Even then, his shirt gets damp from the remainder that the bib misses.

This is him sans bib and he looks like he managed to spill a cup of water on himself. He's even managed to get his shoulders wet. Spinning drool!

And this is him, with the bib, much cleaner, much drier and at least we've got something to wipe his chin with because I'm not going to teach the bad habit of wiping one's mouth on sleeves or clothing items as all boys are wont to do.

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