Thursday, July 17, 2008

One year on and still learning

One would have thought that I'd have figured out everything I needed to figure out about breastfeeding by now. Seeing that it's been over a year. Seeing that other people have successfully weaned their babies off by this time. But no, apparently not.

I just discovered to much discomfort that it is not a good idea to be expressing half way, when milk is full flow to stop and go off to nurse the baby with the other breast. This led to what I imagine was akin to turning all traffic lights red on a road during rush hour, halting traffic with an enormous tail back.

No amount of massaging or hot compress has relieved the congestion and I had to accept defeat and leave for school feeling like I had a tiny flying saucer trapped under all that mammary tissue. It also didn't help that Baby J was full from all the nursing and didn't want to help Mommy un-stopper the congestion. To make her point clear, she let out an audible burp when I tried to angle her onto the boob and wriggled away, stuffing her pacifier into her mouth and using both hands to cover it so that there was no chance of me yanking it out.

Clever girl. But uncomfortable Mommy still.


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