Sunday, August 24, 2008

No sleep means no going out

A friend of mine remarked that mothers made a big deal about sleeping, something she took for granted. Yes, sleep is important on many levels.

When a Mommy doesn't sleep, there is less patience and less ability to deal with the children.

When the children don't sleep, there is much crankiness and fussing.

When there is a confluence of the two factors, that's when everyone else takes cover.

Today was such a day. I only managed to sleep at 3 last night because there was work that I needed to complete and Baby J got me up about 7. So, on the Mommy side, there was much crankiness already, especially since Aunty D was off today. The plan was that after lunch, the kids would go down for their nap again so that Mommy could try and get some sleep and regain some semblance of normalcy. Unfortunately, that was not to be had resulting in Mommy raising her voice at Baby J, Baby J crying she was hurt that Mommy had raised her voice and Mommy at wits end, being exhausted, going slightly crazy and having a difficult child to handle. Then, throw Evan into the fray. Evan, the boy who also did not take a nap, despite having the blinds drawn and it being a rainy afternoon.

At this point, my nerves were fraying and definitely jangled and I knew that if I were to hang around them someone, there would be some serious losing it and I had learnt through my years of teaching, the serious losing it should only be done when it is for show and to make a point rather than when it is out of control and explosive.

Traditionally, Sunday evenings are spent with my parents so that the kids can hang out with their other grandparents. But when there has been no sleep on their part, it becomes a moot point since by 6.30, there will be many tantrums and tears and clingy children. They don't understand the threat yet, although it has been issued numerous time. "No sleep, no going out" bellows an exasperated Mommy. And today, because Mommy has no sleep, it is a situation of extremely thin ice.

So, the decision? Mommy needs a time out even if it's just a drive so that she can nap in the car while Packrat drives. And the children will stay at home because that is the deal. No sleep, no going out.

So, all in, sleep is important. I watch with admiration the mothers with children who were trained to go down to sleep like clockwork. I dreamed of doing that but it is almost impossible to sleep train twins who sleep in the same room despite what the book says. It is after all a book that does not have to deal with specifically, my set of twins.

Anyway, the general rule of thumb for the twins is, one nap in the mid morning, one nap in the mid afternoon and lights out at 7.30, to sleep latest by 8.30. Evan's mastered the sleeping through the night, by that meaning, he wakes for milk at 5 most of the time. Jordan however, because of her small appetite still wakes through the night to feed and for comfort. It's tough but that's their routine and we've pretty much got used to that as have they.

I suspect this routine is going to change soon and it will be one long nap in a day rather than 2 shorter ones. But for as long as possible, we're still aiming for two. Maybe towards the end of the year, to gear them in preparation for playgroup next year.

For me, I'm resigned to whenever I can get some sleep, I will. And today,

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