Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hearts on sleeves

In light of all the complaints that not enough is done to help parents in Singapore, Sarah McLachlan's video of the World on Fire is a sobering reminder that we are indeed spoilt, self-centred brats that want their cakes and eat it as well.

When I watched it, it chided me for being disgruntled at how paltry the paternity leave portion of the new baby benefits were. For worrying about how I was going to pay for playgroup next year because playgroup in Singapore is so exorbitant. It sure does put into perspective how tiny and inconsequentially trivial our whiny discontents are. I'm not saying be grateful to the government already but I think we should be thankful that our children will be able to go to school and that our children have vaccinations and diapers and clean water.

It made me want to go home and hug the twins and thank God profusely for how they wonderful they are and how healthy they are and fortunate we are. Packrat and I watched it separately but the same thought crossed our minds. Adoption. Because there are so many children out there who need so much and because we are now even more keenly aware of how sweet children are and how it is the world's cruelest injustice for them to never be able to feel love or be taken care of or be safe.

And I said to Packrat that we were bleeding hearts.

And he replied that we were indeed, bleeding hearts. Bleeding heart liberals.

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