Sunday, November 07, 2010

Logic and wisdom

The end of year is finally upon us where the grading of papers are done with and time at home is really time with the family. The downside of it is sometimes, there is an overdose of time with the kids especially when they are trying. But there are times when there is a bright side to their trying nature and it's downright hilarious.

The twins are slowly developing the ability to rationalise things and explain why they want certain things. Of course, some of the time, it really doesn't make sense. Evan is a little bit more advanced in his powers of 'reasoning' than Jordan is. I think it's just the way they are.

Anyway, he spent the weekend making sense of the world around him through his 3 year old eyes.

Why people shouldn't speed.

Evan: If you drive to fast, you will bang the car or motorbike in front. Then there will be fire. Then you will BURN. And then 'bee-bor, bee-bor'!
Mommy: What's 'bee-bor, bee bor'?
Evan: The round round light that goes round.
Mommy: The siren?
Evan: Yes, siren. On ambulance. And all the people die!

When told he cannot bathe in the hotel room of others.

Uncle S: The bath tub is spoilt.
Evan: Then you need to buy a new one. Then, Evan can bathe in the bath tub.

When he found a fish bone in his fish meat.

Evan: Tita! (Aunty) I am not a dog!

When told we couldn't stay in the hotel because we had no money.

Evan: Mommy, I want you to go and buy money.

Jordan is gentler and a little bit less quarrelsome. The result of that is that she doesn't come up with as many quips. She does occasionally hit the nail on the head. But often hers are of a more empathetic nature.

When I had a ear infection.

Mommy: Jordan, please don't shout. Mommy has painful ears.
Jordan: Ok Mommy. Can I kiss your ear?
Mommy: No, that will make it hurt more.
Jordan: Then I will put a bandage and then kiss it. Then not painful.

Why we shouldn't drive too fast.

The dinosaur Mommy is hungry and will eat us because the car is on fire. Then the baby dinosaur is happy.

Why she didn't need to get out of the pool.

Jordan: I am not cold. I have a mermaid costume. I will not be cold because I am the mermaid.
Mommy: But your teeth are chattering.
Jordan: No Mommy, I am talking to you. I am telling you I am not cold.

I could go on.

All this in one weekend.

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  1. Sounds like Jordan is more imaginative (nice!) and Evan is a logical boy with a great sense of reality. With Evan articulating his thoughts in such a manner, he has already broken the norm that boys are at a disadvantage when it comes to the language department. Thumbs up!