Sunday, November 21, 2010

Moving on

The end of the school year is upon us.

Once again, we find ourselves moving schools. We're not really making it a habit, it's just how things have turned out. The school that the twins have been at for this year has been a great for them in many ways.

1. They have ridden on a school bus.
2. They now know how to sit quietly and listen to stories.
3. Their Chinese has improved by leaps and bounds!
4. They now have friends. I doubt anyone would keep in touch but they are able to tell me who are their friends and who are not. On top of that, Evan had a girlfriend from another class. Her name was Alice. She was his 'darling' and 'girlfriend' but according to him, Jordan is still prettier.
5. Their repertoire of Christian music is very wide and they have no qualms throwing their arms up and going "hallelujah!"

There were however, some things I didn't like about the school.

1. It was very academic (I don't think every parent would think it's a bad thing)
2. I didn't really know what went on in school because there was very little two way communication.
3. There wasn't an outdoor playground for that age group.
4. The teachers' English weren't up to scratch. By my standards anyway. But apparently, it's an issue all over the place.
5. The bus ride to school was close to an hour and they watched television while waiting to get on the bus and on the bus itself as well.

But despite my complaints, when it came to saying goodbye, I was very sad. Because at the end of the day, the teachers did love the twins and the twins were extremely fond of the teachers too. Jordan asked if she could bring her Chinese teacher (the one on the left in the photos below) to her new school. And I think that the twins did enjoy the school regardless of its flaws.

Of course, the move worries me. Will they settle down? I hear about bullying and showing each other up and I worry. Will the teachers like them? Will they be confused because they've swopped schools again?

Thankfully, they are old enough to be able to take in information and vaguely understand it. Ask them and they'll tell you they are moving schools and changing school buses. They can tell you the name of the school they were in and the one they are going to. I guess I can't expect more than that right now.

On the first day of school.

Their teachers.

Their friends

This was their last day.

One observation: When we popped in to take these photos, even though the twins were thrilled to see us, they never approached us. They stayed with their friends.

I look at them and I am so proud of how much they have grown in the year. But a little bit of me is a little bit heartbroken because they really are growing up so quick.

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  1. Hi! Interestingly, I have also withdrawn my kids (N1 this year and N1 to be next year) from the school. For almost the same reasons you mentioned. And like you, I felt really sad on the last few days of school, coz' the teachers really did love and care for my son. But anyway, I did what I felt was right. And I hope all our kids will adjust quickly to their new schools. I hate to do through the same crying etc, but hopefully this time round it will be easier since they are older.

    p.s. We met during the first week of school this year, if you recall. :-)

  2. Hi Jayne,
    Yes, I remember you! I was still pregnant with Muffin then!

    It was a tough decision whether or not to take them out but I think everyone is at peace with it.

    Where are you moving your kids to?

  3. Yes time flies... and Muffin is already 9 months old and walking! :-) They're going to Chiltern. How abt yours?