Friday, April 08, 2011



Guilt is when you worry that you are not spending enough time with the youngest.

Guilt is when you are so exhausted that you wish you didn't have kids just so that you could get a good night's sleep.

Guilt is when you feel that you never have enough time to spend with each child and are shortchanging every single one of them in one way or other.

Guilt is when you have someone point out to you repeatedly, how much your children miss you while you are work.

Guilt is when you are told quite clearly that you should not be working.

Guilt is being told how much wrong you are doing to your children by working.

Guilt is when you are told that the only way your children are happy is for them to have you by their side all the time.

Guilt is believing that you are a lousy mother because you want to work and be intellectually challenged and not to mention financially independent.

Guilt is what makes you believe everything that is said even though you know you couldn't possibly try any harder.

Guilt is you wanting to say f$&k it but instead you just take it because part of you actually believes that you deserve it.

Guilt. A word that tears down rather than builds up.

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  1. hey by the time u see this i'm hoping the sun has come out and ur feeling better?