Thursday, May 05, 2011

Only Child

Being the youngest of three children, Muffin hardly ever gets our undivided attention. It doesn't seem to bug him much because there are always people, including his siblings, who are around to play with him. But it bugs me, as a mom. And what bugs me more is that I am hardly able to do anything about it.

So when the opportunity presented itself for me to take Muffin away for just a night by himself, I took it. And I am glad I did. My littlest relished in the new experience of being in a hotel; jumping on the bed and burying his face in the crisp sheets and soft pillows. He didn't need very much else for entertainment. He loved just having his parents all to himself, constantly laughing and grinning and taking ages to fall asleep. When he did, he snuggled in between us and woke much later than usual for his milk.

We didn't do anything extraordinary. We did regular things, like having dinner, having a bath and having breakfast. We just did it in what was an irregular place for Muffin. And by changing the environment, even regular things became a novelty.

I know parents who struggle with one child would hate me for saying this but I really loved just having one child around. The sense of freedom and the very much reduced level of stress were enjoyable. We could have dinner, for the most part while he entertained himself by making a mess out of a bowl of rice. We enjoyed a semblance of conversation with friends and we got to sleep for a reasonably long time.

I'd like to do this again if possible.

And what happened to the twins while we took this little sojourn with our youngest? They were in the hotel earlier in the day while Muffin was home napping. They played with cupboards and watched snippets of the Royal Wedding. When I took them home and picked up Muffin, Jordan fell asleep for the night in the car and Evan got to watch whatever he wanted when he got home.

All in, everyone was happy. The twins weren't all too perturbed about us not being home, especially with their beloved grandaunt around and the knowledge that they would return to the hotel for breakfast with us. Muffin was happy basking in the attention of being the only child and we were happy and excited about just enjoying the increasingly funny and cheeky boy that is growing up very rapidlybefore our eyes.

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  1. Those bibs that Dylan wear are of generous proportions. I don't seem to find them around. Where did you get them from? Baby Immanuel is starting to drool. Eww...I need them soon.

  2. Ivy, I got them in Perth. Actually, Target in Australia. Any one in any state should have them. I love them cos they are huge and soft!

  3. Bibs - Mothercare used to carry this huge shoulder-wide bibs as well... but not sure if they still do. The last time I bought bibs was a good 7 years ago. :P

    Only Child - if you can, try to give them a day each (once or twice a year) of being an only child... or even just an afternoon or evening. I know my 3 love it when they get their "special" day - they even get to plan it... deciding what to eat and where to go. Most times it's just me and one of them, but sometimes, daddy also gets to tag along on these only child days... and you get to see a side of them you don't see often enough because they (or we) are too busy being distracted by someone else... :)