Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Whoever said that there were perfect children in the world obviously had not had children. As parents, much of what we talk about when we meet fellow parents is to talk about the exploits of our children. It is also the reason I came up with the JED page. Because I wanted to record the exploits as it happened.

Most of the time, the exploits are harmless and funny to us. But once in a while, you get one way out there in left field that makes your blood boil and make you wish you didn't have a 'no-cane' policy in your household.

Jordan, a few days ago, decided that it was too troublesome to thread her Mary Jane shoes. These were pretty dinner/wedding/party frock shoes that I had bought from the US. But Little Miss had gone up to her doddering Great Grand Father who is 94 years old and asked him, most prettily to help her make her shoes more comfortable.

Between the two of them, they came to the conclusion that snipping off the straps was the best thing to do.

This elicited an almost audible WTF reaction from me. My brain practically exploded when I saw what had been done. And the wrath of Mommy was unleashed onto the unsuspecting little girl. I told her that she that she wasn't going to get another pair of shoes in a while and every time she went out, she had to wear her shoes of shame. There were many tears from her but I stood my ground and made her traipse home in them. Of course, because of the fact that her shoe had no straps, she kept losing them as she walked. Cruel Mommy told her too bad. She made the shoes, she had to walk in it.

Of course, Packrat thought it was just funny. He didn't think it was a big deal. Clearly, he didn't buy the shoes and he didn't know how hard it was to find her pretty shoes. Admittedly, I have had a great time telling people about it. But I am still mad at her for doing something so silly.

Perhaps, leaving the shoes around will remind her of the silly thing she did. And I am determined to not buy her a pair of shoes to replace it for as long as I can.

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  1. LOL... luckily for her, her feet will probably grow quickly enough for her to need new shoes soon anyway... :D