Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hand Carry

We are going on a big family vacation at the end of the year. And when we went to Phuket in June, our friends' daughters had their own cabin bags. The twins then started pestering us for one each. We promised that we would buy them one for our year end vacation.

Two days ago, I spotted these bags at Isetan. They weren't prohibitively expensive so I thought I would get them for the twins. The Very Hungry Caterpillar one for Evan and the Charlie and Lola Mermaid one for Jordan. There was another Charlie and Lola one, so I grabbed that one for the twins' cousin who would be going on the same trip.

To say that they were chuffed would be an understatement. They spent the entire afternoon playing at going to the airport and packing their bags to go to America. They wouldn't let me look at what they packed but they put a lot of thought into it and in a most grown up fashion, wheeled it to the car.

I finally managed to sneak a look in after they fell asleep and was extremely amused. Evan packed like a boy. All toys, Thomas the train, some musical instruments, a box of flashcards, a fake birthday cake and a pair of boots. He will be entertained and his feet will be dry. Never mind that he will be naked. Jordan was a little bit more responsible. She packed a dress, a pair of underwear, a story book, a note pad and some jigsaw puzzles. Of course, in the rocking and bumping around in the back of the car, the jigsaws have dislodged themselves and good luck to her trying to figure out which piece belongs to which set.

It's funny to get a glimpse into their heads and actually see what they deem as important.

My conclusion, boys will be boys. I think Packrat is only just a bit better when he packs.

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