Thursday, July 28, 2011

Little piranha

My parents- in- law and Packrat both regale with fondness and glee how my brother-in-law used to go around biting people. They also regale with much glee how they eventually scared him into stopping by slamming down a pair of old, rusty pliers in front of him and threatening to do a psycho-dentist thing where they would yank out his offending enamel coated weapons one by one. That apparently stopped him in his tracks quite effectively.

I am contemplating the same thing for Muffin. Muffin is a biter. He goes around biting everyone willy-nilly. Sometimes for no reason, sometimes because he is majorly pissed off, sometimes because he wants to tell you he loves you. Whatever the reason, out come his little fangs and he sinks his teeth into whoever has either pissed him off by denying him something or as a sign of affection, like a puppy.

The problem is at 18 months, he has no concept of what rusty old pliers are and how yanking his teeth out one by one will hurt a lot. That makes the threat useless.

But we must put a stop to this biting behaviour. He doesn't have a snout we can smack when he does this. I did smack him on the thigh this morning when he sank his teeth into his sister, forming quite a perfect dental mould on her arm. He cried pitifully and lay there weepy and sobbing for five minutes.

But knowing the little piranha, it's not going to be long before he gnashes his teeth and sinks it into another poor unsuspecting sibling slash parent slash caregiver. He's very inclusive that way. He doesn't discriminate. He bites all, everyone, all the same.

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