Monday, August 29, 2011

Inherent contradiction

Jordan is an inherent contradiction.

She is a girly girl. She loves pink, she loves princesses, she loves dressing up. She will also speak to you gently, because that is how young ladies should speak.

But at the same time, she will unceremoniously holler at her brothers. She is equally at home in an ugly pair of rain boots and is secure enough in her femininity to carry around a Thomas the Tank Engine umbrella.

At home, she fashions outfits out of whatever scraps she can find. She will use anything, biggish pieces of cloth, towels, her dresses, my clothes to create a particular look. Often it is to have her legs and feet covered. Thankfully, her idea of Princess fashion is somewhat puritan and I am going to let her keep it that way. Her latest creation was with a big piece of gauze a friend passed to us. Hold it up with a hairband and hours of pretend 'wedding' fun will follow. Evan occasionally obliges to be her prince and will dance with her and kiss her in a way that, if they were not 4, would be disturbing on some level.

Funniest fashion moment so far was when she berated her father, who had bought a pair of Air Jordan's. She accused him of wearing her shoes. Obviously, there was no arguing his way out of that one because as she very sternly pointed out, the box had her name on it.

Packrat's response was that he was looking after it for her. While it calmed her down and went in search of Mommy's heels instead, I don't think that in a million years would Jordan ever fit into a size 10 but then, at least Packrat got his shoes back and they fit. Talk about a Cinderalla complex re- inventing itself in the 21st century.

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  1. Wahaha!!! So funney! Tiger mom in the making. :-P