Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Favourite bits of the trip 2- Disney World

Jordan's favourite part of our trip, even though she doesn't talk about it in the same way Evan does, was Disney. More accurately, meeting, greeting and hugging all the Princesses. Our daughter is a hugger. She hugs. Everyone.

Anyway, in Orlando, there are 4 Disney parks and a whole array of other parks that we didn't have time to visit. Of the 4, we visited 3 and we can say with great certainty that if there are kids under 6 involved, skip Epcot. Epcot is like Disney's Science Centre. And the twins were bored. There was too little for them to do because they were so young and short (most of Disney is governed by a height limit).

What was a hit was Disney Hollywood Studios which was fun and where the kids could go on Star Wars rides and train to be Jedi and Magic Kingdom which lived up to its name at being magical.

Anyway, Jordan's favourite part was the Princesses. And her favourite princess, Rapunzel from Tangled. What was interesting was that she wasn't just spellbound. She was intent. Intent on presenting Rapunzel with a colouring, she is a picture of concentration and focus even as we beckon her to join the queue. The only thing that broke her concentration for a split second was when Rapunzel skipped out then she returned to colouring with more ferocity, worrying that she wouldn't finish in time to present it as a gift.

She does and the relief is immense.

We would have liked to say that while Jordan loved her princesses, Evan enjoyed the Star Wars stuff and enjoyed the Jedi Avademy. Unfortunately, the pictures we have were of bravado. My young Padawans were only Padawans for as long as Darth Vader didn't appear. Once the Sith Lord appeared, ran helter skelter my younglings did.

Our mistake was that we had never shown them any Star Wars prior to the trip so they were in no way sensitised to Darth Vader.

This did not stop Packrat from building each of them a light saber and the "Voong Voong Voong" sound was a big hit.

The one place we learnt, the hard way, not to bring pre-schoolers was Epcot. Epcot is great if you are a geek and are inherently curious about the world. But not so much when the children in question are mostly under the height limit and the most interesting thing they can do is take a boat ride through a hydroponics farm that Disney has planted within Epcot. Plus Muffin threw up all over one of the auditoriums and wrecked my handbag and diaper bag and in the haze of cleaning up, led me to leave my sunglasses behind somewhere. By the end of it, all the kids were getting evil looks from us and we were in such a foul mood from whiny, difficult kids, we wanted to stand at the entrance and hawk them off to the quickest bidder.

Thankfully, Magic Kingdom did its job and restored our faith in Disney and the goofy smiles on our faces. There really is a magical quality when you step through the gates of the Magic Kingdom and there, we spent two days. Of course, the catty side of me could not stop but comment that had we not gone to Epcot, we would have been able to soak in more of the Magic Kingdom.

And obviously, the rides were a hit. It's a Small World, spinning dizzifying Tea Cups, Flying Carpets and Dumbo and the car tracks where they got to actually drive cars subjecting us to diesel fumes and the high pitch whine of bumper cars.

Packrat and my vote of what was the best part of Disney was Magic Kingdom. It suckered us, hook, line and sinker. It was indeed magical and we went back a second day and were tempted to buy everything in the stores ( For the record, we didn't).

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