Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Favourite bits of the trip 3- Bizarre Moments

This will mark the end of my series of vacation posts. Partly because my MacBook is objecting to the 2000 photos I've tried to force onto it and partly because I need to move on. Every time I look at the photos and think about what to blog about, I feel sad that I am no longer on vacation and no longer in the US. So I have to stop reminiscing.

This one is the miscellaneous post. About nothing in particular but funny moments that we don't want to forget.

Top of the list would be the giant turkey leg.

1. A most definitely genetically modified turkey leg- Last year when Packrat and I were at Anaheim, we saw all these people eat giant turkey legs. We didn't buy it then because it was inconceivable for just us to eat the obviously genetically modified fowl leg by ourselves. This year, with more mouths, Packrat decided to attempt it. And Jordan was his most game helper. She whose Native American name could be Jordan-Small Meals- Tan.

2. Nationalistic Jordan- Then there was the whole pomp and pageantry of the lowering of the American flag at Magic Kingdom. The Main Street Band plays, they get a veteran to receive the flag. All pomp. It was great to watch but for Jordan, it wasn't much fun and she had more fun making friends. What floored us was the fact that even though she had never heard the Star Spangled Banner or America, the Beautiful before, she knew it was a patriotic and nationalistic event of sorts. The little American girl beside her was belting out America, the Beautiful and Little Miss Singapore turns to her and responds with "One People, One Nation, One Singapore"

3. Klepto- Jordan- My little girl is a little shoplifter though I mean it in the nicest of ways. She loves collecting brochures and maps and till San Francisco, all the stuff she collected was free information. Unfortunately, at Pier 39, she also took from a row of maps that were on sale. So, we're set on going to New York for one of our next holidays because we now have a map of Manhattan that costs $6.99 plus tax.

4. Scary American women shoppers- On board the ship, I encountered scary American women shoppers. They are much louder, more vocal and more likely to use violence if crossed. They are also less willing to tolerate any sort of impartial behaviour so they yell at security if there even seems a likelihood that security is going to let someone else jump the queue. All this I discovered standing in line, in the middle of a fake park on the 8th deck of the ship for a one hour flash sale at Coach even though I had no intention of buying anything.

5. Guerilla shopping- I Facebooked before I came back that I wasn't ready to leave the US because I hadn't been to Ghiradelli Square and I hadn't been to Sephora. When people ask if I shopped, I reply yes but the shopping was guerrilla shopping. On the go shopping, see-convert-take-buy. Even though I did hit the outlet malls, I didn't get to spend the day leisurely walking around. Of the hundreds of stores at the outlets, I saw a handful. A Kate Spade (obviously), a Tod's, an Easy Spirit (because I needed boots), a Banana Republic and a Gap. Oh, and a Disney store. This was unlike last year where we spent a good 3 days combing through the mall, literally leaving no store unturned.

So, the irony of it all was that despite not really having dedicated shopping time and feeling that I didn't do my retail addiction any justice, 12 people went with 11 pieces of luggage and came home with 28 pieces. We had a luggage train at the airport. Thankfully, 5 pieces being car seats weren't counted into the total and we were still under what we were allocated. That and the staff took pity on us having 5 sleeping children and allowed us to check in all unnecessary cabin carry too.

There are other bizarre moments I am certain but these I shall record first and add the rest on when my brain isn't so boggled by things to do.

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