Thursday, January 26, 2012

Performing Arts

Slowly but surely, the distinct gifts or areas of interest of the 3 children are becoming clear.
Jordan is the artist. She draws, she sings, she dances and now, we've discovered, she can dramatise too.
Evan is the geek (and I mean this as a compliment). He loves tech, he loves figuring out how things work and machinery.
Muffin is the jock. Child of few words but can outrun his siblings and climb faster and higher than the both of them. The only thing that seems incompatible with his inherent jock-ness is his love for books and puzzles.

A parent of teenagers told me that I should nurture their interests and catch it at an early age. We are trying to but in a way that doesn't kill it for them. So we let Muffin climb, if he wants to (provided someone is there to break his fall if he does), Jordan draw/sing/dance/play act if she wants to and Evan watch the cogs turn at our MRT station's escalotor or examine the pulley system of our lift shaft if he wants to.

On our part, we try to record the interesting bits so that we won't forget and they can look back at it and figure out where it all began.

One of our favourite writers is Julia Donaldson. Ever since Olie bought the twins The Gruffalo, we haven't looked back. Packrat makes their reading experience multimedia and will hunt down the relevant videos. So, the video that the children watch on a loop now is the Gruffalo's Child and Jordan has seen it enough times and heard the story enough times to internalise parts.

Here she is describing the Big Bad Mouse from the Gruffalo's Child and even though she doesn't get all the words correct, it is very cool.

Send her to speech and drama? Don't know. If she asks, maybe. If she doesn't, she can just channel whichever characters she wants to at home.

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