Sunday, April 01, 2012

Hair ordeal

When I am in the mall and walk past those kiddy hairdressers where the kid is sitting obedienetly in the chair and has his eyes glued to Barney playing on loop on the portable DVD player in front of him, I marvel at the ingenuity of the people who set up the shop. I think they charge $20 and parents will pay that money to ensure that by hook or by crook their kids' hair is cut.

But I think it is day light robbery. So, I take my kids to the hairdresser at the bottom of my block that does it for $6. But she doesn't have Barney. She has sweets though. And for the twins, that is enough of a bribe to sit still and get their hair cut. To the point that when they are in the mood for sweets, they come up and tell us that they need to cut their hair. Our home has no sweets.

The only problem is Muffin. Muffin HATES the hairdresser. This last time, when we tried to, he plonked his bum smack in the middle of the path leading to the hairdresser's and refuse to budge. If he were an animal, he would have all four legs splayed on the door frame, fighting any attempt to get him into the chair. Eventually, he sat on my lap and I got hair all over myself and even between my toes.

It took Wallace and Gromit on the iPhone, myself and our helper to cajole him to stay still enough to get his whole head of hair cut evenly. Even then, he went beserk the minute the shaver came on so I had to tell the hairdresser to forsake that.

Thankfully, the end product was worth the aggro and it'll be another 2 months before we have to wrestle him into the chair again. And for now, we can enjoy how cute he looks in his new hair cut, how much he looks like his Kor Kor and lament how he is rapidly losing his baby-ness!

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